Best Cell Phones for Seniors

What is the best cell phones for seniors? That can depend on how tech savvy they are.
Some senior citizens need a mobile phone with large buttons. As large buttons can definitely come in handy for numerous reasons like poor eyesight or shaky hands. Let me tell you even not being a senior citizen yet my hands shake from what’s called an essential tremor all the time. The larger keypads have definitely helped me out.
I asked my parents who are in their mid 70’s.
What are the most important features that they definitely want in their cell phones?
1. Call in case of an emergency
2. One that works
3. Economical
4. Easy to use, Very Simple (simple cell phone for seniors)
5. Bright
6. Easy to read Screen
7. Large button mobile phone
Those were the top 7 features that they could think of at the time.
Some others I thought might be helpful:
* Weight and Size: They will need something that easily fits in the palm of their hand or pocket making it easy for them to carry at all times.
* Screen Size: The bigger and sharper the better. The best cell phone for seniors will be the ones that make it easier for them to read. This will make it easier to read and to respond to texts.
* Loudness: One of the most common problems among older adults is hearing loss. From ( “There is a strong relationship between age and reported hearing loss: 18 percent of American adults 45-64 years old, 30 percent of adults 65-74 years old, and 47 percent of adults 75 years old, or older, have a hearing impairment.” This makes this a very important part when picking out a phone for an older person. Making sure the phone is compatible with hearing aids and the ringer is loud enough for them to hear.
* Alarm panic button: You will want to make sure that the cell phone plan will have the ability to locate the phone. This way it will be able to locate your elderly parents or grandparents. Find IPhone is a great app that I use to locate my kids. This could easily be used to help locate an elderly person as long as they have their phone with them and its a IPhone.
If you’re looking for the best cell phones for your mom, dad or grandparents then we have you covered. On this page we have the best cell phones and plans for seniors listed to help you out quickly.
My parent do a lot of traveling and in some areas they travel cell phone service is very weak.
In your search for the best mobile for a senior citizen you have to ask a few questions.
Do you travel to remote areas? Do you travel alone?
The reason it is important for the elderly to answer that question is it will determine what type of phone they should go with. Cheap phones are not the best to go with when your dependent upon reliability.
Let me try to explain try to explain this. Cell towers transmit on different frequencies usually ranging from what is called the 700 block up to the 2000 block. The 700 block frequencies travel greater distances, through building walls and tree’s better than the higher frequencies.
This is why you don’t want to buy a cheap cell phone for a senior who travels. Cheap cell phones don’t usually cover these lower frequencies.
For seniors who travel the best cell phones are the newer Samsung Galaxy 6 or IPhone 6 or above. These phones will work with those lower frequencies making them dependable. They have big displays making them easy to dial for someone with shaky hands or poor eyesight.
Those two are the best phones for the elderly who travel or who want to be a little tech savvy. Most newer smartphones will cover those lower frequencies.
Now for a simple cell phone for seniors:
I recommend going with a flip phone like the Jitterbug. The Jitterbug is simply the best phone for senior citizens due to its simplicity and features.
This phone offers many benefits that the other cell carriers don’t currently offer:
* 5 Star Urgent Response – This allows reliable access for urgent help. A certified agent will confirm your location and get you the help you need.
* Urgent Care – This allows you to speak to a doctor or a nurse 24/7
* Great Call Link – This gives caregivers and family members ease of mind. Authorized care givers can launch an app on their smartphone to check on the elderly person. It alerts caregivers to emergency calls made with the 5start button, shows power level of the senior citizen’s phone, can track daily activities and can locate them with GPS technology.
* Handset Replacement – for a fee per month along with a deductible the handset can be replaced if lost, stolen or broken.
* Personal Operator – this allows the senior citizen to have access to a live personal operator like in the olden days before cell phones. The operators can help look up numbers, connect the call, place calls to someone in the phone book plus much more.
* MedCoach – This can help to remind to take medication.
* The Wellness Call – It is a 2 to 3-minute call to help empower and motivate.
* Daily Health Tips – Text message every day with a healthy tip
* Check-in Call – Customer care will call and check on the senior citizen up to 6 times a day and if they need assistance can alert family members or caregivers.
These items along with a few additional ones not mentioned here makes the Jitterbug mobile phone an excellent choice.
This Jitterbug phone allows the elderly to feel more confident and more secure. This is a cheap cell phone plan for seniors who especially need monitoring.
Some seniors might want more from a smartphone and adding them onto your family plan is usually the cheapest way to go. As most family plans usually let you add another smartphone for around $10 a month
Advantages of going with a smartphone like the iPhone 6 for a senior:
* Entertainment – Seniors are accessing social media more and more to play games and chat with old friends and classmates.
* Most provide a big screen which translates into a big key pad. This makes it easier to dial numbers
* Grandparents can easily keep in touch with kids and grandkids through texting and social media. Time is short in today’s world and for the kids or grandkids to know papa and grandma are ok helps everyone out.
As you can see there is a lot to think about in choosing the best cell phone plan for seniors. Getting them connected makes it easier for family members and caregivers. This allows you to check in with them and be there if they need you.